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Place - as children see it

Following on from my blog about the arts, health and place, I was delighted to come across these lovely posters, designed by local primary-school children, which are on display on the station platform in West Croydon, South London; kudos to the station managers for the idea to brighten the place up. The children’s perceptions of their neighbourhood shine with authenticity, cheerfulness, multi-coloured tissue paper, and some glorious typos.

Words seem pretty superfluous in the face of such enthusiasm, but in case the photo isn’t legible: there is the local library (reassuring, as libraries around the country are under threat), St Mary’s Church, Sainsbury’s, the clock tower, a hair salon, a corner shop, and WITGIF (nope, no idea…).

And then (depressingly) there are the ubiquitous food shops, which have clearly stuck in the children’s minds, even if the spellings haven’t – KFC, ckinken shop, McDondals and Greegs.

Finally, thank you, children of St Mary’s Primary School, for alerting me to the existence in Croydon of one of the four windmills that are open to the public in Greater London! Something I didn’t know about our corner of the capital.

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