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I am a consultant and writer on preventing non-communicable diseases (NCDs) through addressing the lifestyle risk factors of poor diet, physical inactivity and smoking. I have worked in this field since 2005 - until the end of 2016 as assistant director of C3 Collaborating for Health, and since then as an independent consultant. Organisations with which I have worked include multinational businesses, global NGOs and major UK foundations. I am also the chair of the UK Working Group on NCDs, a group of 20+ NGOs that came together in 2018 to draw the attention of government to the urgent need to address the global burden of NCDs.


My strengths include the ability rapidly to produce clear, easily digestible summaries of complex ideas and arguments - as well as a unique ability to rapporteur meetings, providing either a detailed description immediately, or a summary of the event. I advise on strategy in NCDs and use my extensive network (both in person and on Twitter) to make fruitful connections between organisations for which I work.


My blog page can be found here, there  are examples of my recent writing here, and for older projects see my ResearchGate profile. For a list of my consulting work and clients, please click here. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information or to work with you.


I also have a strong interest in the human rights responsibilities of businesses, having worked as a consultant in this area at Maplecroft and for the International Business Leaders Forum, and as a volunteer at Amnesty International UK.

Finally, I am a proud trustee of Sussex Cricket Foundation, where I advise on health-related programmes as well as fulfilling the governance roles required of the Board of a charity.

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